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Just thought I'd make a thread that shows foods we should avoid while doing CS (per their guidelines both on this site and in the Quick Start booklets). For a lot of foods, if tastes sweet naturally, it's not going to help you. 

Please feel free to add to the list if you know of other foods that hijack our progress!

Foods to Avoid:High carbohydrate foods to avoid:

Bread (incl. wraps)Pasta and noodlesCerealIce-creamRiceSweetsBiscuitsChocolateSugarPastriesVegetables to avoid:

CornChickpeasPotatoSweet PotatoParsnipPeasTaroPumpkinBarleyCannellini beansBroad beansKidney beansRed/green/brown lentilsBaked beansSplit peasSoy beansFour bean mixFruits to avoid (as they are too high in sugar): *in the Trim and Maintain phase

BananasPineappleKiwifruitApricotMelons such as Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Rock Melon and Honey Dew MelonGrapesAll dried fruits (Sultanas, Raisins, Dates, Apricots, Figs etc.)Tinned fruit in nectar/juicePaw PawHoney dew melonCantaloupeWatermelonOther Foods to avoid:

Tomato Sauce and other high carb saucesDrinks to avoid:Soft Drinks (all fully sweetened varieties)Fruit JuicesSports DrinksCordialAlcoholic drinks (other than those listed above)Milk - skim, low fat, full cream and flavoured varieties are all high in carbs

(Personally, I don't get the milk thing, as it's actually low in carbs... but it may be the lactose/sugars, and fat in full cream, they want you to avoid?) 

I find it strange that we should avoid milk when that's what you add to the 'rapid shakes' ?? Bit confusing haha :)

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milk is really high in sugars, even trim milk. 

I have had a brush with diabetes (gestational) and tested my blood sugars every 2 hours for almost 6 months. After a glass of milk they were through the roof every time. and raised blood sugar = insulin production = you get fat.
Pretty rubbish considering how much I craved milk when pregnant haha.

I would say add to this list foods that claim to be 'diet' or 'low fat'. they are often high in sugar.

Highjackers I will add are cheese and cheese products like cream cheese. Ok in small amounts though

Bacon and sausages also look out for.  And a lot of processed meats. processed anything really lol

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i have soy milk to make my shake is that ok ??


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i have soy milk to make my shake is that ok ??


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it says in tnhe book u can have 3 coffee a day with skim milki though/

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Sheree, low fat soy milk is fine. I use So Good 99.9% fat free as my body reacted badly to so much skim milk in the Rapid shakes. I also use Zymil (pink carton), which is a lactose free low fat milk.

Yeah, Kristy, it seems strange that you can have skim milk with your Rapid shakes, tea and coffee, but they also list it as a no no. Double dutch! 


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if you want a pasta or noodle subsitute try Slim Noodle or Slim Pasta, they are in the health food section of the supermarket. the Slim Noodles have 6.4 calories in 100g.

they are made from a vegetable called Konjac, which  has been consumed in Asia fro centuries. Konjac is high in fibre, low in calories and low in carbs, low gi, gluten free, soy free, wheat free, fat free, dairy free, egg free, sugar free. add with a great stir fry, spag sauce etc and feels just like you are eating pasta/noodle but without the calories and carbs.

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Are you able to replace milk with water with rapid shakes? Has anyone tried this?

Thanks Sam

Posted : 5 years 7 months ago top

poppink04, I have never used the milk with any of the shakes, and it still tastes ok with water.

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Im doing fine on skim milk and am losing weight sufficiently, i haven't been using the whole "foods to avoid" list either. Just eat sensibly. If you cut all the foods out then when you stop your diet and eat them food again you will put on weight again. Eat healthy in variety for dinner and high protein low sodium and carb.

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Hold on it will get easier!

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