Deep Water Running

Deep-water running involves every major muscle group and is equivalent to cross-country skiing, making it a major kilojoule burner.

Depending on your effort and intensity, you can blaze your way through 2500kJ in a solid, hour-long session.

Deep water running is ideal for those recovering from injuries or suffering with back pain. Submerged in water, you will feel resistance through your entire body. This resistance forces opposing muscles to work, and as you move your arms and legs against the resistance of the water you will get a great cardiovascular and strengthening workout. Adding additional devices such as socks, dumbbells, and gloves will allow you to try different levels of intensity.

In addition to resistance of movement, being deep in the water decreases stress on your joints, as well as increases your range of motion. Because there is no impact, an injured athlete can train in the water to remain fit while waiting for their injuries to heal.

Deep-water runners should always work to maintain the vertical position of deep-water running: the horizontal orientation of swimming doesn't hold the same benefits for bad backs.

Article courtesy of Body and Soul:,25079

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