The Psychology of food


Deprivation doesn't work

It's no secret that to lose weight, you need to consume less calories or energy, than you expend. The reality is if you stop eating the things that have given you so much pleasure in the past you will be depriving yourself.

Deprivation is a negative emotion which is why many traditional diets feel like a punishment where you are denied your favourite foods until the weight is lost. Once you reach your goal and are free of the restriction, you can't wait to go back to your old ways. This is the reason so many people struggle to maintain their weight loss; they are yo-yo dieting.

From our experience the secret is to remove the deprivation and make the program feel like a positive, sustainable experience that fits with your lifestyle. If you are losing weight, and feeling great, there is no reason why you should be overweight again. It's not just about changing what you eat; it's about changing the way you eat.

Are you really hungry?

Before simply changing the way you eat, you must first work our whether your hunger is in your head or in your stomach. If the hunger is in your head (a craving) no amount of eating will help. Instead, you should identify the situation that triggered the craving and see how you can best deal with it without giving in to eating. If the hunger is physical, then having a healthy pre-prepared snack ready will help you avoid bad foods that could make you hungry again sooner.

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