MAFS Melissa Lucarelli dropped a dress size with Celebrity Slim

"That feeling when you fit back into your favourite dresses!"

Voight--6 Voight--10 Voight--12 Voight--8

#Repost @mellucarelli "That feeling when you fit back into your favourite dresses! Thanks @celebrityslim

I honestly don’t know much when it comes to shake diets, I had never tried one before. But in the lead up to MAFS i went up a dress size without realizing it as the anticipation of marrying a stranger had me not sleeping much but eating at all hours of the day & night! Panic set in when I was unable to fit into any of my clothes during filming.

I literally saw Celebrity Slim on the shelf at Priceline and the word RAPID was on the container. Rapid results was what I needed so I grabbed it.

It was super easy to follow, it wasn’t even as hard as I expected it to be, and it actually worked!

It’s rapid. Tick. No exercise. Tick, tick. And I can drink coffee. Tick, tick, tick!

So to everyone that has been asking about the shakes I was using during MAFS this is it!"

2019-08-07 14_59_16-Rapid Shakes - Shop Product Range _ Celebrity Slim
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