• Is the Celebrity Slim Program suitable for vegetarians?

    Yes, all Celebrity Slim products are suitable for vegetarians, with the exception of the Roast Chicken Soup (which contains chicken). We also have a large range of delicious vegetarian-friendly recipes available in the Recipes section of our website.
  • Will I experience gas, headaches or bloating during my first week on the program?

    Any time you make a considerable change to the types of food you're eating, it can result in temporary changes to your bowel movements, while your digestive system adjusts. Healthy foods, like vegetables, generally contain more fibre, which can also assist in more regular bowel movements. After about 2-7 days, your digestive system will have adjusted to your new eating habits. Whatever phase you decide to start on, during the first week your body will be adjusting to less carbohydrates and more protein. After 3-5 days, your stored carbohydrate levels will have dropped considerably and your body will be forced to begin burning mostly fat for energy, which is the result you want. During your first week, there are a few telltale signs that the Celebrity Slim Program is working: 1) Because you're drinking more water, and your body is detoxing from breaking down more fat, you'll probably need to visit the toilet more often. This is a good sign and you must drink at least 2 litres of water a day to assist this process. 2) After a few days you may get a dull headache for a day or two. Don't be concerned, this is your body adjusting to the program, and it's actually a good sign. 3) You may also feel quite lethargic, maybe even a bit achy for a couple of days like you are getting a flu - this is perfectly normal and will pass quickly. 4) After a few days you may get cravings for sweet foods. Resist these by eating your allowable snacks, or anytime free foods; again this is a good sign your carbs are running low and your body is starting to burn more fat. 5) After about a week to 10 days you will be surprised to find your cravings and hunger reduce dramatically and it's far easier to stay on the program - most people also find they have more energy and feel great!
  • How does Celebrity Slim work?

    Celebrity Slim works by restricting carbohydrates and overall kilojoules in your diet which stimulates your metabolism to burn more fat. Eating smaller meals more often throughout the day is also important to boost your metabolism. We recommend you to aim for 5 - 6 smaller meals, rather than the traditional 2 or 3 larger meals. The result of changing to this way of eating is that you will lose weight.
  • Can I use the Celebrity Slim Program if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

    Because the Celebrity Slim Program is based on a reduced kilojoule diet, we do not recommend it for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding as the diet may not contain enough nutrients to support the needs of both mum and baby.
  • Can I replace all my meals with Celebrity Slim to lose weight faster?

    Some dieters use meal replacement shakes as their only food to lose weight quickly. While this may get you slim in the short term, it is not a balanced way to eat for any longer than a few days. We always recommend combining Celebrity Slim meal replacements with healthy balanced meals and snacks to ensure you are getting a good intake of fresh food nutrients every day to help you lose weight and stay healthy.
  • If I stop using the Celebrity Slim Program, will I put on weight?

    There's no reason why you will put on weight if you stop using the Celebrity Slim Program, as long as you maintain a sensible approach to your diet. Follow the Celebrity Slim Maintain Phase Plan outlined in the Program Guide and you should be able to keep the weight level you have achieved.
  • What if I'm still hungry?

    If you're sticking with the quantities suggested on the Celebrity Slim Program and still seem to be hungry all the time, there are a few strategies you can use to manage your hunger. First of all, make sure you are truly hungry and not just wanting to eat out of habit - a trap that many of us fall into. If you are still truly hungry, try some of these suggestions: Drink more water with your meals and snacks. Increase the portion size of each meal and snack by about 10% for a few days, and then slowly reduce it if you can. Add a small handful of allowed nuts with a glass of water to each allowable snack meal. Cut up allowable vegetables into sticks or chunks, such as celery, carrot and capsicum, keep them in the fridge, and munch on them when you get hungry. Add a small amount of olive oil, about 5ml, to you Celebrity Slim Shake. The oil will slow your digestion and help you to feel fuller for longer.
  • Who is Celebrity Slim Rapid suitable for?

    Celebrity Slim Rapid is perfect for individuals looking to lose a large amount of weight in a short period of time. The Celebrity Slim Rapid phase is somewhat more restrictive in terms of food allowance and kilojoule intake compared to the 'Trim' and 'Maintain' phase, thus achieving the rapid results desired. That said, Celebrity Slim Rapid has been carefully formulated to provide individuals with all of the vitamins and minerals necessary as well as all of the additional benefits: - High Protein Formula to kick-start progress - BioFibre™ for satiety (fullness) - Added fat burners - Green Tea Extract and Carnipure™ L-Carnitine for accelerated results
  • How does Celebrity Slim Rapid differ from the original Celebrity Slim product range?

    Celebrity Slim Rapid differs from the original Celebrity Slim products because it's formulated to be mixed with skim milk and designed to be consumed 3 times a day in order to feel full and maximise weight loss results. Celebrity Slim Rapid also contains the active ingredient Carnipure™ L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine accelerates the burning of dietary fats, boosts energy levels, builds lean muscle mass and increases the thermogenesis (production of heat) within the body. How does it work? When L-Carnitine is consumed, fats are burned faster, and less fat is stored in the body tissue, which can therefore have a positive effect on the blood lipid levels. In addition, it has been shown that L-Carnitine reduces the sensation of hunger and thus facilitates a reduction in food intake.
  • How long can I use Celebrity Slim Rapid for?

    We recommend you start with Rapid for the first week or two. You can continue the Rapid phase for longer if you like, or you can skip straight to the Trim phase. It's really up to you. The Rapid Phase is completely safe for ongoing use. To keep things interesting, some people like to switch back and forth between the Rapid and Trim phase every couple of weeks. It all comes down to personal preference. Some people LOVE the rapid phase and find it really easy to stick with long term, while others prefer the Trim Phase. The Trim Phase was designed with longer term use in mind, so it does tend to be more flexible, provide more variety and generally easier to stick with over a longer period of time with a slightly higher daily intake than the Rapid Phase.
  • I always crave the foods which aren't good for me; how can I stop?

    One of the wonderful things about the Celebrity Slim Program is that correcting your abnormal body chemistry almost always removes the cravings for sweet and fatty foods. One of Celebrity Slim's main goals is to normalise the way your body handles glucose, a type of blood sugar. Once this happens, the food cravings disappear by themselves. The Celebrity Slim Program guides you on how to select the correct foods as well as to gently change undesirable lifestyle habits. Phase 1 of the program starts you on a rapid-burn phase. Early success will prove to you that you can achieve your body image goals. Celebrity Slim will gently help you to retrain the eating and lifestyle habits which caused your problem in the first place. Retraining your eating habits is not as difficult as it might seem when you take it a step at a time. While you will need to be more active in order to maintain your new body shape, exercise need not include punishing sessions at the gym; walking regularly at a reasonable pace can be as effective in the long term. Just as importantly, you will need to consider incidental exercise; for example, take the stairs instead of the lift or park the car 10 minutes away from your destination so that you are becoming more active in your day-to-day activities. Celebrity Slim will teach you how to make these subtle changes. Although these small changes may not seem like much, over a year, they can make a significant difference to the amount of energy you burn.
  • Can I drink alcohol whilst on the Celebrity Slim Program?

    Yes, you can enjoy some alcohol whilst on the Celebrity Slim Program. So you don't have to kiss your social life goodbye! Here are some guidelines on what you can enjoy: - A glass of dry white or red wine 2-3 days per week. Dry white is lower in carbs than a sweet wine, and white does tend to be marginally better than red on the weight loss front. - Beer should be avoided, as it is generally too high in carbohydrates. However low carb beer is OK and can be enjoyed in moderation (one 330ml bottle 2-3 times per week). - Raw spirits are also OK but choose your mixed drinks carefully as mixers like soft drinks and orange juice are very high in sugar. The best mixer option is soda water (with fresh lime), however you can enjoy a diet soft drink mixer. This is all about moderation, so a couple of glasses per week is OK, as long as you don't binge.

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